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Dressing up for the office should flatter you in everyway; however 2 words should be kept at the fore-front of all you do – Confident and Natural.

Good makeup should start with good skin care routine. No matter how good you are at makeup application, always remember that good skin flatters your makeup. Start with a good cleanser, followed by a toner/freshener and then a moisturiser before applying foundation. A quick tip on foundation – if you are in between shades, consider using the darker of the foundation shades and a lighter powder to give the most natural look. Also mineral powder foundations are excellent and suitable enough for you if your skin does not have a lot of scars or blemishes.

Once the base is ready, you need to choose eye and lip colours that do not look too bright under the usual fluorescents of the office. For the eyes, neutrals work best. First, pick a shade that is closest to your skin colour to use as a base. My tip is to use yellow gold as the base when wearing warm coloured clothes and rose gold when wearing cool colours. Once your eye area has been completely covered with the appropriate base, use neutral colours that match your outfit to accentuate the crease and corners of your eyes. A good brush set is an invaluable investment as it helps to distribute colours evenly without being too overbearing. Remember to always Keep It Simple.

For the lips, I suggest using a matte shade that is close to your natural lip colour or simply filling your lips with a lip pencil and then using a lip gloss. Remember if you look at the mirror and you think your makeup is too much, it probably is. You are the best judge of what you wear and no one will ever be able to give you a confident look if you don’t feel it on the inside.

For blush, let go of the shimmer and use earthy colours to highlight your cheek bones. Good mascara will finish up your office look and make you stand out amongst your peers. Feel free to post comments or questions on your experience and I will do my best to reply promptly, for specific private questions, please click here to send me an email.

Have a god day in the office!



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November 11, 2010

Nice one, i knew it was your write up before i got to your name. Hmmmmmmmmm, i wonder why? Keep up the good works.

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November 26, 2010

another tes

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