About PrideNGR

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PRIDE NIGERIA is an online magazine tasked with one main aim, showing the other side of Nigeria that is so often buried within the murk of popular entertainment and the constant barrage of negativity. We are not trying to bury our head in the sand or ignore what, sometimes, seems to be an endless list of things that are wrong, but as we all know, every coin has two sides to it (we are yet to come across a coin with one) and every nation has more than one story (Watch Chimamanda Adichie’s TED Speech – ‘The Danger of a Single Story’ which largely inspired the idea behind PRIDE NIGERIA).

PNGR aims to showcase the very best of a great nation; a people who, despite the ‘Everest’ of odds stacked against them, are doing their best. We also hope this sparks (or should I say adds to) a discuss on moving forward rather than the same old rhetoric and rehearsing of the obvious. We also plan to challenge stereotypes of Nigeria as sometimes propagated by some of the western media*. What we are not is a race magazine nor are we focused on the ills of colonialism even though it might come up from time to time; we are looking forward with eyes of hope. In the words of the most powerful man on earth (well according to America):

For a people already stripped of their history, a people often ill equipped to retrieve that history in any form other than what fluttered across the television screen, the testimony of what we saw every day seemed only to confirm our worst suspicions about ourselves.

Barack Obama (Dreams from my father)

We hope in our little way, we are able to add to those intent on fashioning out of little, greatness in a giant that is beginning to stir in realisation of itself. If this strikes a cord in you and would like be a part of this by writing or any other way, do contact us by clicking here.

Yours in hope

Kayode Olorunfemi


*Most news items reported by western media do have merit, but sometimes the manner of reporting and choice of wording creates a bias or slant that exaggerates or misleads the audience; a practice that will not go unchallenged if it was about an issue of interest from the west.

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