Beautiful Imperfection – Asa

It is not often that you hear an artist quite as unique as Asa. Her 2008 self-titled album was a hit and world class, rarely the same thing nowadays. Her soothing and bold voice mixed with very topical issues worked perfectly and I worried that she would find it difficult to do it again. And then I heard ‘Beautiful Imperfection’. Asa dares to be different and ventures into the global pop scene with ease. The songs are easy to listen to and definitely worth it too. I first heard and watched ‘Be my man’ from the album on Youtube and while the beginning of the video is a tad cheesy (she can be forgiven, its Asa for goodness sake!), the music is bold and unpretentious – look out for when she says ‘iwo ni kan’ – this is authentic feel good music at its best. My favourite is ‘Broda Ole’, fans of ‘Awe’ will no doubt love this one as well as ‘Bamidele’ which is the bonus track.

'Beautiful Imperfection' - Asa (Album Cover)

‘Maybe’ is another topical song with feel good funky music to blow your mind, the way ‘Fire on the Mountain’ did. If you like Sade, you will love ‘Baby Gone’. Simply put, Asa’s ‘Beautiful Imperfection’ will make you proud to be Nigerian. It hits itunes and music stores on October 25, 2010.

You can find more details on Asa’s official website:

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