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Did you know that your health’s premiums increase with age especially when you have not spared thought or time in the years gone by to invest in making and maintaining healthy, active lifestyle choices…? We have seen an upsurge in the threat of many chronic, terminal diseases in recent times, which cannot be attributed to any one causative factor more than the current lifestyle trends we now keep up with, and how these starkly contrast to the lifestyles of old. Yet change is the one thing that is constant in life and by its very nature, inevitable. Therefore, to combat all the potential woes of change, an equal and opposite reaction arguably needs to take place in the subject of change for it to come out stronger and better as a result of the change process, as opposed to being weakened or even defeated instead, due to the sheer pressure of it.

By further deduction, except we are saying we have each reached the pinnacle of our entire existence, there always is something we can do better at, and get more of, to become better and have more. This is the best gift we can give to ourselves and all humanity.

“It is more blessed to give than to receive”, goes a very age-old quote. “Value added” can easily be voted as the contemporary counterpart to that thought. It is what we bring to life and the lives of those around us that is most important, and is also what marks the difference between one who dared to identify, pursue and fulfil his life’s purpose and one who never even tried!

So I urge you to identify and submit yourself to any changes you might need to make in your health and/or lifestyle. The next time your mind tells you: “it’s your life, and you can do whatever, whenever, and however you like”, remember that this is only correct up to the point when our choices start to make demands of us, which they inevitably will. Some people take more care of their cars and their pets than they do their own bodies, and then wonder why it gave up on them just when they were getting ready to reap the dividends of all their toil and labour, whether it be in business or relationships, or them both and all else in between!

Enough said…??? Take care of yourself and look after the health of your body and wellbeing of your soul. It does start with eating healthy, but it also involves other key steps. Go for a health check-up, a wellness evaluation, or such like and make the necessary changes to your diet and/or lifestyle that your test results suggest. You would not ignore a red light flashing on your car’s dash-board, so why would you think of dismissing any indications that your BMI, blood pressure, metabolic age, muscle mass percentage, body fat percentage etc., are anything besides normal, and not expect the abnormally to show up somewhere later down the line…??? Not every alert is a serious one, but you only get to verify the severity of it when you check things out, and if it does turn out it to be serious after all, it usually takes and costs a whole lot more to deal with if left too late…!

In 2011, don’t just make the new year’s resolution to eat better, or to lose some weight and a couple of dress sizes, but get a strong enough “why” and a well-thought out implementation plan that would get you from where you are now to where you need to be. It is so easy to do, yet it is just as easy not to do, so you want to add focus and discipline to the mix, keeping the goal in view and entertaining no excuses along the way that may try to make you deviate from the plan. I can assure you you’d be so glad you did ☺

About The Author

Funke Funke Ayodele is a Personal Wellness Coach, who has personally experienced a total paradigm shift in healthy eating, and is now committed to using the same vehicle to touch and change lives, one precious soul at a time.

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