December Issue

It’s definitely going to be a white Christmas this year, at least in the UK. What happened to ‘global warming’? Surely the scientists have some explaining to do; trust them to cook something up.

Talking about ‘global’, PrideNGR is looking for interesting videos of Nigerians who are doing great things all over the world. If you’ve seen any good videos, particularly on YouTube, kindly send us the link via our contact form: We are collating them to build a YouTube channel so we can showcase the great things Nigerians are getting up to. We are also considering offering our readers the opportunity to tell us (on video) what they think is great about Nigeria; nothing fancy, something as simple as a recording off a laptop or mobile phone camera and uploaded to this website or to YouTube. We would poll on this shortly, however, feel free to let us know if think this is a great idea (or not).

We have stuffed our second issue with more punch than the first. There’s a new ‘Health & Fitness’ section with Funke putting us on the straight and narrow regarding ‘what’ and ‘how’ we eat. Gabriel takes a hard look at Nigeria’s progress, yep, its the 50 years issue, but with a twist. I was able to beg (and blackmail) the esteemed Editor of Exquisite Magazine, Tewa, to give the ladies some tips on what to keep an eye on for Christmas style while Tonye reviews ‘The Adesinas’; a Channel 4 (UK) documentary that showcases the lives of a Nigerian family in London, trust me, you want to read this one!

PRIDE NIGERIA is all about participation so do give your comments on articles to help spark discussion. We also welcome criticism, only asking for civility while dishing the hard to swallow stuff. If you like what we are doing please share our articles on Facebook or where ever your social life leads you, or better still, follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

Yours in hope

Kayode Olorunfemi


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Kayode Kayode is a Creative Design Consultant and is the Editor of 'PRIDE NIGERIA'.

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